Watercolor Workshop Online – Painting Reflections

In this 90-minute online workshop, Paul will lead you through step-by-step demonstrations painting reflections in watercolor. You will learn to quickly and easily paint realistically-looking calm water in various settings, […]

Watercolor Workshop Online – Painting Cityscapes

During this 90-minute online workshop (Zoom), you will learn to simplify complex city scenes, seeing and painting these scenes as interconnected shapes. Light and shadow will be important aspects we […]

Watercolor Workshop Online – Painting Pines and Spruce Trees

During this 90-minute online Zoom workshop, you will learn how to paint pine and spruce trees in watercolor. Paul will demonstrate various appearances, textures, branch configurations, close-up and distant views […]

Watercolor Workshop Online – Painting White Barns

During this 90-minute online workshop, you will learn how to maximize the process of saving white paper to capture the striking contrasts of light and shadow that white barns provide. […]

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