Whispers Of The North

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Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 750


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Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 750


1 review for Whispers Of The North

  1. Roger & Libby Nelson

    Whispers Of The North was one of our first Paul Oman acquisitions. We’ve loved it for years and it still holds it’s showcase location in our upstairs family room. We look at it often and appreciate it’s details; the just frozen river with whisps of snow at the edges, the downy woodpecker, the chickadee, the blue jay and an atmosphere of peace and natural tranquility. Yes, we truly love it. Since Whispers we now display three other Paul Oman originals and are contemplating adding another of Paul’s captivating works to “The Cabin”, our downstairs family room retreat where two of his works now act as windows to the great outdoors.

    • Paul Oman

      Hi Roger and Libby,

      How very nice to hear from you! We remember your visit to our home gallery in Amery a number of years ago, and thank you for your enthusiastic appreciation of my artwork. I love your description of the Whispers of the North painting.

      You are welcome to come to our new home gallery near the Amery area if you would like to arrange a time, or can check out the gallery on our website as I continue to add new paintings. I only have a few on the site as of now, but am going to be adding more and more in the next few weeks since I have many more paintings available than are currently shown. We usually have a Christmas Open House, but this year we decided not to do so since we have had a full schedule with work and our 3 kids. We would be glad to have you stop by — just let us know if that is what you would like to do.

      Do you still live in the Hastings area, if I recall correctly?

      If you would like to give me or my wife, Jana, a call our cell numbers are: 715-790-2029 (Paul) or 715-790-0155 (Jana) and our address is:

      1001 20th Ave., Deer Park, WI 54007

      We are located about 3 miles north of Deer Park on Hwy 46 and 1 mile east on 20th Ave., which is about half way between Amery and Deer Park.

      Happy Holidays!


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